01 October 2009

66 Days - Wanna Do Something About Climate Change FAST?

Go veg. It's that simple. Give up meat, and as much dairy as possible. Do it as quickly as possible. The meat/livestock industry is responsible for so much methane greenhouse gas that cutting our meat intake as rapidly as possible could give us a fighting chance to save the planet.

The livestock sector directly or indirectly:

  • uses 1/3 of the world's land area
  • uses up to 70% of our clean water
  • pollutes most of the water bodies
  • deforests the lungs of the Earth (animal agriculture is connected to 80% of the annual removal of trees around the world; the "hamburgerization" of our forests is responsible for the felling of 50% of the world's original rainforests)
  • uses up to 43% of the world's cereal
  • uses up to 85% of the world's soy
  • causes world hunger and wars (Did you know that 80% of all grain produced in America is used to feed animals but could feed 2 billion people?)
  • causes a large percentage of global warming

Besides methane, a potent greenhouse gas (livestock produces almost 40% of the world's methane), animal agriculture also adds nitrous oxide (296 times more powerful than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas) and hydrogen sulphide to the atmosphere.

For three wonderful slide presentations (in pdf format), as well as a vegan/vegetarian cookbook, visit http://sites.google.com/site/compassionateearth/downloads. And please pass them on!

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