30 September 2009

67 Days - Which Side is Hysterical?

I'm happy to announce that I'm no longer riled by stupid comments about climate change from ignoramuses (I mean, deniers and skeptics) in the Comments sections of different websites and blogs.

These comments are becoming shriller and shriller, meaning that deniers and skeptics are running out of ways to sound right when they know they're simply making the future a thing of the past for the children of all species. (Money and power must be so addictive, eh?)

Here's the one that convinced me their power is waning. It's laughable, it's so hysterical. Or
he's so hysterical.
Like I said: Global Warming = CROCK OF SHIT/HOAX, from fear mongering, money hungry, power crazed liberal freaks, wanting more governmental control over the people. Sounds a little like a socialist take over. Think about it! Why are Scientist [sic, or Freudian slip?] that have opposing views discredited and shunned by the libs so blatantly without even a thought that they might have a valid point?
This fellow needs to realize that we who follow and study the climate change research DO think about what the deniers and skeptics and their fossil-fuelled researchers (without seeming to do any actual research) have to say. We wish what they are saying were true (note the subjunctive there). But it's not. Sadly. And kids in Africa are dying because the skeptics and deniers have wasted so much precious time.

Anyway, the news keeps getting worse and worse. Government leaders must be freaking out in their private chambers, realizing that one day soon, the vast majority of us are going to rise up and demand urgent action, including (oooh, scary) legislation and carbon taxes and an emergency shift to renewable energy technologies. To make the world a better place. Which the deniers and skeptics obviously don't want.


  1. From my vantage point, I don't see any governmnet leaders being too scared about climate change. They currently focus on the effects of their actions on their current mandate, and their prospects of upcoming elections. If and when the masses demand significant action, then the politicians will comply since they want to get elected. I am not holding my breath for the general population to start demanding significan action any time soon.

  2. Rémi, I couldn't agree with you more. I keeping thinking (hoping? praying?) that one of our elected officials will see the light and become a climate hero by saying "I don't care about the results of the next election. This needs to be done for the sake of future generations, and I'm doing it."

    Then my next fantasy is that the opposing parties will jump on board, saying "Wow! That's great. We're going to support that initiative in a non-partisan way."

    Will it, could it ever happen? Here where I live, our premier introduced a tiny little carbon tax, and the opposing party — the one that's supposed to care about the people — did nothing but criticize, even though it was a giant step in the right direction.

    I'm not holding my breath either. Thanks for writing.


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