02 September 2009

95 Days - Belly Fat and Climate Change

Is it just me? Or is everyone online being harangued by internet advertisements promising us a flatter stomach?

"1 Tip for a Flat Belly"

"1 Rule to a Flat Stomach: Obey!"
I'm sick of seeing flubby tummies and skinny tummies. Enough already!

My aggravation, however, finally got me wondering whether anyone out there has discovered this "one rule" — and whether we could use this tactic to save the Earth, the future and the children of all species.

My thinking went like this. Whoever is behind the Flatter Stomach ads is paying to advertise — so we know they must be making money from these ads. Which means that people are clicking on them, and presumably buying something from the advertisers.

Why aren't we using similar tactics? After all, we can promise a much thinner body if people follow this one tip: keep pumping out the greenhouse gases and agriculture will be over, leading to starvation and famine and nice lean bodies.

Oh, I don't know. I get so annoyed to think that people care more about the size of their bellies than climate change. Heck, at least they could be as concerned about their children's future as about their stomachs, no?

We who are working on climate change are doing something wrong, but I cannot put my finger on it. Please, send in your insights.
Before I am finally driven to click on that ad to discover the "1 tip" for ridding myself of my cute and cuddly tummy.

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