29 September 2009

68 Days - Climate Heroes and Moving Forward

During brunch with a friend yesterday, I told her (a) about Kevin Conrad's magnificent show of heroism at the Bali climate talks in December 2007 (how time flies), and (b) how much I'm sick of politicians using the term "going forward" or "moving forward" — as though if they don't say it, we'll all think they're going backwards?

I watched the videos again today for old time's sake, and not only am I re-impressed with the Papua New Guinea representative's courage to stand up to the main obfuscators, but I also heard that dastardly line again. In one video, you'll hear applause for Mr. Conrad, and in the other, you'll hear applause for the United States of America. In the third, you'll get more background from Mr. Conrad on why he did what he did. 

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