03 February 2010

The World is a Harsh Place for Sensitive Souls

Just realized that I haven't blogged in a long time. So many (too many) things happening, the saddest of which is the loss of a young friend. She was sensitive and gifted — and tortured as only sensitive and gifted teenagers can be. She said goodbye to this insensitive world yesterday, breaking many, many hearts. Thank you for sharing sunny bits of your too short life with us, sweet girl. My heart goes out to your parents.

I am despairing at a world full of people happy to not try to make the world a happier place, a safer place. No, that's so convoluted. What am I trying to convey? There is so much pettiness in the world. There are so many people not making any efforts to make the world a better place — and rationalizing every step of the way. Why must the fragile, vulnerable ones pay for this with their lives?

Community meetings on greenhouse gas reductions and the spearheading of a local "transition movement." Not an ounce of urgency or passion. Strong doses of "we can't/shouldn't do that here." (When are people going to get that we can't NIMBY this issue anymore? The atmosphere does not respect boundaries, borders or backyards.) No one jumping at the chance to do all we can. A lot of platitudes and holding back.

The sensitive ones are killing themselves because it's all too cruel. The rest of us are killing everything else because we're boring — we cannot muster energy and enthusiasm, creativity and imagination, passion and urgency. We're good at sitting around and talking, but talk is just talk unless it leads to learning and action.

My young friend cared about the Earth and the future. Because I believe that every life is sacred, may I find a way to honour her care and concern. Blessed be.

But I could have told you, Vincent,
This world was never meant for one
As beautiful as you.