Lima Call for Climate Action

Ah, the impetuousness of youth. (Well, I'm not sure what my excuse is. ;-) Turns out the reason that nothing came out of Lima on Sunday is because they were still working on the document! The page was literally blank on Sunday, which is why I leapt to that conclusion. 

But still, I feel that I made the right decision, for me, to step back from this blog and my activism ... to rediscover life. My husband and I have been at this, cumulatively, for almost 40 years!

There's lots of work to be done to ensure that the best possible agreement is developed over the coming year and then gets signed in Paris. And then there will be plenty of work to implement it. If you're still in the effort, please fight for the right things. If you can't do something big, do something little (right a letter to the leader of your country). If you can't do something global, do something local (help get a community garden off the ground). And if you've got some time on your hands, have a gander at this....

Here is the 43-page draft text of the Lima Call for Action if you'd like to wade through it:
I'm happy to note, as I mentioned here, that peaking greenhouse gas emissions by 2015, and attaining zero carbon by mid-century are still in this draft! There are loads of "options" listed, so here's hoping that at the upcoming talks in Geneva, negotiators set the future of our children smack in the middle of their negotiating table and make the right choices.

All the best to you and yours!
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