24 October 2009

43 Days - The mOst impOrtant number is zerO

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Three-fifty is a red herring. The most important number is ZERO. We have to get our carbon emissions to virtually zero. We have to stop burning fuels and make the transition to energy that isn't created by burning.

So, as we all go about "celebrating" (??) International Day of Climate Action — on the day after world leaders decided that the Copenhagen climate talks are going to be a big huge flop — let's remember that the most important number in 350 is that zero at the end.

Let's ensure that this crisis of imagination ends. Let's make sure that we push (whether gently or kicking and screaming) our civilization into a new era — the era of safe, clean, healthy, equitable and peaceful renewable/perpetual energy.

Let's help people see the possibilities that making this switch will bring ... a giant boost to the economy, tons of new jobs, lots of opportunities for retraining, massive public spending on things that are good for the health of citizens.

Raise your hand if you don't want this kind of future for your children. Keep your hand up if you prefer your grand/children to go through their life with food shortages, dangerous weather events, scarcity of drinking water, conflict over natural resources. Raise both hands if you don't give a flying $#&! about the hundreds of thousands of people killed each year by global climate disruption (coming soon to a theatre near you), or the millions already impacted by droughts and floods and disastrous climate-change-related weather events.

Glad to see both your hands are in your lap. Thank you for caring.

Remember zero. Talk it up. Zero carbon emissions as quickly as possible, by making the world a way better place.

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