28 October 2009

39 Days - ecoSanity.org's Race 2 Survival

I want to share this public service announcement about the climate change emergency with you. It was created by Glenn MacIntosh of ecoSanity.org, and I think he did an excellent job of expressing the urgency — and the implications of doing nothing. Please share it with your networks and visit ecoSanity.org for more.


  1. Great video. I will tweet it out! I am optimistic that there will be a consensus toward real change in Copenhagen.
    Thank you for your work.
    Cheers, Rosie.

  2. Thanks for passing on Glenn's Race2Survival public service announcement, Rosie. If you don't mind, I'll borrow a bit of your optimism for the Copenhagen climate talks, as mine has run out.

    Thanks also for the great work you're doing. Environmental education, music and kids is an encouraging combo.


I would appreciate hearing your thoughts or questions on this post or anything else you've read here. What is your take on courage and compassion being an important part of the solution to the climate change emergency?