06 October 2009

61 Days - Greenpeace a Climate Hero Again

I was one of those young people who never smoked a cigarette let alone got into recreational drugs. I've sometimes commented to friends that I wouldn't know how to buy stuff like that even if I wanted to.

So I had to laugh when I heard myself saying recently, "It's about time I got arrested for saving the Earth, but I don't know how."

Until today. I've gotta get myself hooked up with Greenpeace! They're my climate heroes again, after their direct action at the tar sands in Alberta over the weekend. Mike Hudema, a wonderful young man with Greenpeace, was probably at the heart of it. Here's what he has to say about direct action:
"Direct action is a form of resistance that aims to derail offensive practices to create more favorable ones using immediately available means. Such actions include boycotts, strikes, sit-ins, letter-writing campaigns, theatrical protests and sabotage. Direct actions often ( but not always) involve civil disobedience."
Anyway, I'll have to wait til something happens nearby (cuz I'm doing that 100-Mile Radius thing), but did want to express my appreciation and kudos to the tar sands protesters on getting themselves arrested for the sake of the children, of all species.


  1. Your comments strike me as Derrick Jensen's stance in Endgame. The whole 1000+ pages is about how we need to do direct action if we truly believe that the world is on a collision course. Yet he says he is too afraid to act and that his writing is too important. He could write from jail and probably get greater readership. There are trawlers fishing off the island, there are big box stores, SUVs, corrupt governments, etc., within your 100 mile radius... I too have looked at the Green Peace protest with respect and applaud their efforts and wish I was brave enough to take part. My excuse is that I have young kids...but in the end, I know deep down, that that is what it is, an excuse.

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    To be included in a same breath with Derrick Jensen is an honour, so thanks for that. (Though I certainly never meant to imply that I'm more important out of jail ... I've just always been one of those people who stayed out of trouble.)

    But more importantly, thanks for the kick in the butt. I'm going to click that button and sign up to risk arrest. You're right, fear is just an excuse.

    What do I tell my students? Feel the fear and do it anyway. It's the least I can do for their sake.

    That way, you can stay home with your kids. But be sure to teach them well!


I would appreciate hearing your thoughts or questions on this post or anything else you've read here. What is your take on courage and compassion being an important part of the solution to the climate change emergency?