16 October 2009

51 Days - Denier-Free Days Declared!

As I was "googling" for something recently, I came across an old blog headline: "Sun Going Down on the Climate Skeptics." And my first reaction was an insolent "Why do we have to fight climate change AND climate change deniers? The job is big enough without people denying that the fight is even necessary."

I would like to run with that headline and declare the rest of 2009 Denier-Free Days! Let's just ignore them and maybe they'll go away (though that never worked when my mom suggested it as a way to get rid of my pesky brothers). Let's not allow any of their stupid-ass comments on our blogs anymore. (What's a little denier/skeptic censorship compared with safeguarding the biosphere?) They have had their day — and stolen the future.

Let's quit being nice to them. One should not be nice to bullies — one should be pleasant yet assertive. But wait ... why should we even be pleasant? These people (especially the mad, egotistical scientists among them) are responsible for the greatest crime against humanity ever: PROGENYCIDE! Because of them and their deadly obfuscating and procrastinating, we are now knowingly killing off future generations, of all species (except maybe jellyfish and bacteria).

Why are the people who are defending the rights of children to a future worth living for NOT willing to adopt the tactics of "the other side"? Why ARE we so polite, even in the face of climate catastrophe? Let's look at it from the perspective of Pascal's wager: if they're right and we're wrong, no one has been hurt (though a few wealthy dudes have had to share a bit of their money with the people they exploited in the making of it) and the world becomes a safer, cleaner, healthier, more equitable and more peaceful place; if they're wrong and we're right, life on Earth is doomed without our full and immediate attention to reaching zero carbon.

I know where I'm putting my money! So, with this declaration of Denier-Free Days (October 16 to December 31, 2009, and then, hmmm, yes, January 1 to the end of time), I am giving deniers and skeptics no more of my time, no more of my space, no more of my attention, and no more never-mind (whatever that expression means).

Poof! They're gone. They no longer exist. I'm fighting climate chaos for the sake of the children, and I am heretofore assuming every other human being wants to do the same.

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