27 March 2010

A Pep Talk — It's Not How Many...

A short one today. We're heading out to present at a Living the Green Life conference, which will address the climate change emergency, and the quickest solution to it: going veg.

Today, I just want to encourage anyone who has organized an Earth Hour event for tonight, or is organizing something to celebrate Earth Day, which is coming up on April 22.

It's not how many people come out to your event — the important thing is how many people hear about it, see posters or read emails about it, get the idea planted in their hearts and minds.

So please don't get discouraged about turnout if it's low. (Did I ever tell you about the time we held a Hiroshima commemoration event? The only person who came was there to deliver the sushi that we'd ordered from his wife as refreshment. We invited him — well, coaxed him, really — to stay and ever since have been great friends!)

Just know that you've spread the word, and got people thinking and talking about your important issue.

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