20 March 2010

A Movie to Solve Our Progressive Paradox

Today, I simply want to recommend an online movie to you. The Progressive Paradox Film is rather brilliant, and I think we will all benefit from watching it.

It's not on You Tube or anything like that, so I can't embed it here. You have to download it from http://www.thwink.org/sustain/videos/FilmSeries/index.htm, but it's well worth the time and inconvenience.

It will give you a clear path to a solution to unsustainability. (Which reminds me, the only thing I don't like about the movie is that they include "sustainability" in with a list of problems like war, corruption and poverty — hence I think they meant "unsustainability," but that's not what they say.)

Anyway, this movie will make you think and question your role and your activities as an activist.

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