24 March 2010

It's a Numbers Game: Four Years. Go. + 10:10

Sheesh, seems I'm a day late on a lot of things these days. Yesterday was a global social media / online "flash mob" to promote the campaign 4YG: Four Years. Go.

So I'll be my own flash mob of one today!!

What's the premise of the Four Years. Go. campaign? Simple. According to their website, 4YG is a rallying cry with the purpose of waking us up
  • to the harm we are doing to the Earth and ourselves
  • to the opportunity we have to create the best possible future
  • to becoming change agents in redirecting humanity's path from (self) destruction to sustainability
  • to do it now, within 4 years
"There's still time to act, but no time to waste," they say.

A great complement to the FYG campaign is the UK's 10:10 campaign, which asks individuals, families, businesses and organizations to cut their energy use 10% by the end of 2010. Given how easy it is to conserve a little energy (especially in energy hogging industrialized countries), cutting 10% by the end of 2010 would give the FYG idea a great boost.


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