25 March 2010

If You Win the Wrong Game, You're a Loser

My husband has been out on the roof for several days in a row, doing some repairs and spring maintenance. So we've left the window out, and have been enjoying "camping" in our loft at night. With warm comforters on the bed and all that fresh air, we find that we're sleeping better at night and waking up in better moods and higher spirits.

All that to preface a thought that came to me this morning while I was lying in bed listening to the birds sing their greeting to a new day.
If you play at the wrong game and win, that makes you a loser.
Do you think that rich CEOs of big corporations that make their millions by pillaging the planet and exploiting its people listen to the birds sing in the morning?

How are we going to change the game, convince today's "winners" that they're actually losing out? And squandering everyone else's chances at surviving climate change catastrophe?

Does this look like a man who listens to birds sing?

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  1. HERE IS A GAME CHANGER... As governments worldwide seem unable to cope with humanity and the Earth, will the world be able to create a Sixth Epoch of Government - The People's World Government - with a People's Global Communication System and a People's Participatory Online Earth Solutions System.

    To become familiar with the first Five Epochs of the History of Government read this... http://www.worldhistorysite.com/r&fCivI.html

    The beginning of the Earth Solutions System... see this...


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