11 November 2009

25 Days - Lest We Forget ... All Those Giving Their Lives for Our Lifestyle

Should one wish another "Happy Remembrance Day"? No, I suppose not.

But this year, along with commemorating all those who have given their lives to protect our EuroAmerican lifestyle, I would like us to think about those who have died because of our EuroAmerican lifestyle. I'm thinking especially of the 300,000 who die every year due to climate change, which will soon enough be the greatest enemy any of us could ever imagine.

To honour and remember all those who have died because we believe we have a god-given right to drive honkin' big cars and eat big macs, I dedicate the following, which was found among the effects of a Canadian infantry sergeant who perished outside Ortone, Italy in December 1943.
Today, a bird sang for me.
Today, I leaned against the strong trunk of a living tree.
Today, a little lizard ran across my hand.

So, I am not alone.

When I get back to Canada, I'll remember this.
I will cherish all of life, for all of life is really
I will never again be a destroyer, though that is what Man is.
This is my dream, that we will learn to live in harmony, not between just man alone, but
WITH the whole living world.

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