17 November 2009

19 Days - "Governments Can't Do Everything Alone ..."

"... so they get together with other governments and agree to do nothing together."

That line, or something similar, is from a student of a good friend of ours. And it explains perfectly what's happening right now with the Copenhagen climate talks.

None of the governments with any clout or power have decided to be a climate hero, or to lead the pack, or to sound the alarm on the climate emergency. No, they have all decided to say "Screw you!" to future generations, to developing nations, and to all those who are already losing their lives, their livelihoods, their food and water security, their homes and their homelands.

Indeed, here in Canada, we watched our (Not Very) Prime Minister of the Tar Sands smile last night on the news (I don't expose myself to the news very often) as he explained the lack of progress on a Copenhagen treaty.

Does this arrogance, this complete disregard for the children, frighten anyone else? Are politicians in other countries as mean-spirited as ours here in Canada? Do these politicians not realize that times are changing, must change? Are their futures so tied to economic growth that they cannot see their way clear to safeguard the future?

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