23 July 2009

With 136 Days to Copenhagen, WE HAVE GREAT NEWS! Greenpeace International is Calling for ZERO CARBON!

This is suddenly winnable! Greenpeace International's new You-Turn the Earth campaign is calling for zero carbon emissions! WOOHOO!

If Greenpeace is finally on board the Zero Carbon wagon, then we might finally see some momentum and movement in the right direction. THIS IS EXCELLENT NEWS!

Ready to take action to demand action? as their website asks.

Here's what they have to say: 

"Our best chance to take action against global warming is coming up in December, when the nations of the world gather for a UN climate summit in Copenhagen. 

We want world leaders to be there personally. We want them to make the right deal for the climate."

And here is their checklist by which our success can be measured:  

  • Make sure global emissions peak in 2015 and decrease as rapidly as possible towards zero after that
  • Developed countries must make cuts of 40 percent on their 1990 carbon emissions by 2020
  • Developing countries must slow the growth of emissions by 15-30 percent by 2020, with support from industrialised nations
  • We must protect tropical forests with a special funding mechanism - forests for climate
  • We must replace dirty fossil fuel energy with renewable energy and energy efficiency

"It's important that political leaders hear from and recognize from their constituents that this is an issue that matters, and that people convey their level of concern and make it clear that failure is not an option here, and that dillydallying and procrastinating is not going to work." - Todd Stern, US Special Envoy for Climate Change 

If you want to be part of a global community ready to take action to demand action, check out Greenpeace International and their You-Turn the Earth campaign. 

I am so excited!! This is the beginning of a win on climate change.

Stay tuned here for links to some wonderful new websites that will explain the urgent need for zero carbon (and negative carbon) in simple language.

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