11 July 2009

148 Days - We Have Our New Churchill!

I so wanted Al Gore to become our climate change Churchill. I will always resent the American (and other) climate change deniers and progenycists ("progenycide" is the killing of future generations, a term I coined recently) who turned his understanding of the climate change emergency, his passion for sharing the truth far and wide, and his mission to safeguard the future into a political football. (I'm usually a pretty positive person, but those people are despicable. Sadly, they're not the ones who are suffering the consequences of climate chaos first.)

I am, however, thrilled to see that a softspoken statesman is taking on the role of Churchill when it comes to the climate change emergency. His name is Ban Ki-moon, and he is the secretary-general of the United Nations.

Please watch this video (ignore the dork at the other end of the microphone — what a stupid question he poses!) to see Mr. Ban's quiet passion, skillful diplomacy, and strong commitment to this issue. The man is a hero — still unsung, but singing his own song — of the children of the world, and indeed the whole planet.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon - Climate Hero!
on the Moral Imperative of the G8 Nations

If you would like to write a note of thanks or congratulations to Mr. Ban Ki-moon, visit the Emergency Action page at Climate Change Emergency Medical Response. Scroll down for his contact information, including his email address.

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