16 July 2009

143 Days Until the Big "C" - Introducing CO2 Now

I would like to share with you the dedicated work of a wonderful young father I am privileged to know. Michael McGee holds down a full-time job and cares so much for his two sons and their future that he spends his spare time working on CO2 Now.org and creating Atmosphere Monthly, an online newsletter that tracks and educates about the level of CO2 in our atmosphere.

You will learn something each month by reading (or even just skimming) through Michael's newsletter.

I got all excited this month when I saw that the level of CO2 in the atmosphere had dropped, but then I realized that (and read that) there is always a seasonal drop in the summer, as the very green and leafy northern hemisphere absorbs more CO2 than during the bare-treed winter. However, this past June's CO2 was the highest it's been in over 2 million years.

That's not something to celebrate, but Michael's dedication and his newsletter are. Check them out!

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