22 July 2009

137 Days til Copenhagen - Gratitude to the Children

Yesterday, I talked about feeling compassion for the children who are sensing, knowing and feeling in their hearts that the planet is in peril along with their futures.

Today, I'd simply like to say thank you to those kids. Their concern, their fear, their passion, their commitment might be the only things that melt the ice in the hearts of climate change negotiators in Cophenhagen. (How come the ice is melting everywhere else on Earth, but not in the hearts of those running the planet? Eh?)

Have you seen this article? If you've got cockles in your heart, How to Teach Your Children About Climate Change - Without Scaring Them will warm them. Well, the story about the wonderful young man who started Kids vs. Global Warming will. (If you visit his website, be sure to scroll down to watch his brilliant little movie, iMatter: Story of Global Warming.)

I am reminded of the afternoon I was putting up a climate change bulletin board in the hallway of the school where I was working. A grandfather of one of the students came in and started chatting with me as I stapled away. And then, he said it. What so many adults are thinking. (And hoping?) "Ah well, it's not my problem. I'll be dead."

What an obscene way to run a species! What a complete abdication of any responsibility for the future of his grandchildren! He seemed a very nice man, but what a vicious attack on the future — sin by commission for the past several decades, and then sin by omission when we really need everyone's help.

Well, I'm sure grateful to all the young people working their hearts out for the Earth and the future. Thank you. Merci. Gracias. Tak. Danke. Arigato. Siyabonga. Quyanaghhalek. Xie xie. Meitaki ma'ata. Tanikiu. Grazie. Fakafetai. Nandri. Obrigada. Kalangan. And thank you again.

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