04 June 2009

185 Days to Copenhagen - Damn the Cowardly Scientists and Environmentalists, Too: ABC's Earth 2100

Why did it take ABC (the American Broadcasting Corporation) to show the public what our future is going to look like if we don't make radical cuts to our CO2 emissions? Why have so many of the scientists and too many of the environmentalists been too afraid to tell the truth about the global climate change emergency — especially heaped on top of so many other environmental disasters around the world?

Don't want to rant on tonight ... just wanted to make one point. The present with which 300 million people are already afflicted will soon enough become our present. A little understanding of climate science (especially positive carbon feedbacks) and a whole whack of empathy and compassion could get us on track in negotiating for the right things (a renewable energized climate-stable future) instead of trying to protect the wrong things (our deadly fossil-fuelled present) at the Copenhagen climate talks.

Check out ABC's courageous, timely and prophetic Earth 2100.

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