24 June 2009

165 Days - Note to Self: COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS

Dr. Hansen, you're a hero!

Anyone following climate change news has already heard that NASA's Dr. James Hansen was arrested yesterday when protesting mountain top removal coal mining in West Virginia.

I got a shiver when I heard the news. It was the last prod I needed to screw up my courage enough to start not caring what people "think" of me anymore. I'm ready to start not being nice in my work to safeguard the future.

Dr. Hansen certainly has more to lose than I do when sticking his neck out for the children of all species and all generations. (Kudos to Darryl Hannah and the other brave protestors / arrestees, too.) It turns out that courage is contagious!

We've started a conversation about the courage that climate scientists and activists are going to need in order to save the world. Check it out at Clean Energy Project in Germany.

And now, repeat after me. "Nice" is getting us nowhere. Courage is what's needed and courage is compassion in action.

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