22 June 2009

167 Days - Message to Young People: TAKE BACK YOUR PLANET!

We've been meeting once a week with a young friend I've told you about before who will be bicycling thousands of kilometres across Canada this summer to carry the message that global climate change has become a planetary emergency.

What my husband took to the meeting today resonated for each of us. Here is his simple yet excellent idea (which apparently grew out of something he read about what young people in India are calling for):

Youth in all countries and states or provinces could demand to have deputy-minister-level representatives (chosen by them) to represent their "vested" interest in a viable future and a climate-safe planet. These chosen young people (or perhaps, in some cultures, trusted elders?) would participate in all government energy and climate change policy discussions and decisions.

Their message at every table would be climate justice for all today's youth!

Our young friend loved this idea. We hope the idea flies around the world, and that young people everywhere demand the right to take back their planet.

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