26 June 2009

163 Days - Note to President Obama: Please Leave Your Coal in the Ground!

We had strong suspicions when we saw support ads for Obama's presidential candidacy from the American coal industry, but now we have confirmation that it's true.

Barack Obama is a coal man. Damn.

In an interview reported in The Grist yesterday (25 June 2009), Nancy Sutley, chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality and therefore Obama's chief environmental advisor, said, "[C]learly coal is a part of our energy mix now and it's likely to be so in the future....

President Obama, please, with all due respect, coal is a carbon sink that should be left in the ground. Once you burn it, you've destroyed both the past and the future.

Plus hey, it ain't going anywhere! Maybe after you have developed "clean coal technology" (a better oxymoron than even "military intelligence"?), then you could start eyeing it as part of your "energy mix" (which, I take it, is not something the White House disc jockey creates to get Americans up dancing).

From where I sit, it looks like you're willing to trade the future of your beautiful children for votes from the coal industry.

For the sake of children everywhere, of all species, please leave your coal where it belongs!

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