15 June 2009

174 Days - When Will the Abuse Stop?

Here's my climate action today.

That's right. No action on climate change on Day 174. I decided to mourn other things today. Climate change can wait til tomorrow (and believe me, it won't go away while I'm busy with other things for a few hours — unfortunately).

I worked today with a little guy whose life of abuse, violence and anger has saddened me to my core. How in hell are we going to give a damn about future generations of children when we still allow child abuse in our midst?

I've often lamented that people who are ill or very poor or in horrible relationships shouldn't be expected to "green" their lives in deliberate and mindful ways. They already have big problems to deal with. It's up to the rest of us who can make changes to make them.

Anyway, my heart goes out to all the people in the world who are ill, who are very poor, and who are stuck in terrifying relationships. For them (for you?), I will redouble my efforts on climate change so that they can concentrate on what's hurting them right now.

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