03 April 2010

Open Your Eyes!

Our friend, Anthony Marr, is off on his 7th Compassion for Animals Expedition. A friend of his had this to say in response to Anthony's "parting shot."
"It is one thing to see a blurb on the 6 o'clock news ... it is quite another to see it first hand. The clubbing of the seals is one thing that one will never forget ... these animals scream and cry out for the clubbers to stop. I have seen this myself and it destroys me still.

And now ... Global Warming is fast changing my country, Canada, forever. Ice is melting ... seals are dying without the ice.

For those that have seen this first hand and recognize its impending doom, Global Warming no longer becomes a debate to be watched on TV or argued around the water cooler. Many folks haven't seen it with their own eyes — and until they do, there is little excuse to even try and attempt to explain it."
To the people who haven't seen it with their own eyes, I say, "You have not been looking." You have not been looking at your children's faces, at their future, at the world's glaciers, at the animals losing their homes, at your fellow humans losing their homes.

Open your eyes, dammit! Open your mind, open your heart, and open your eyes!

There are none so blind....

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