04 April 2010

A New Delight — The Eco Family Fun Fair

We had a delightful day yesterday at Seattle's Eco Family Fun Fair. What a great event! Organized completely by dedicated volunteers from the Seattle chapter of the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association who understand the climate change emergency and who want to inspire and encourage families to do something about it, it was a day of stimulating speakers (including world champion vegan athletes), excellent vegan food, and the neatest eco games and fun activities for the children.
Here are some examples of the fun the kids were having:
  • Eco Building Mania Game
  • Green Leap Game (I managed a one-footed leap past the bus all the way to the bicycles!)
  • King of Clean Bowl Game
  • The Tree Planting Game
  • Pluck and Plow Farming Game
  • Recycling Champ Game
  • Mission SOS Game
  • Sea Rise Extreme Game
  • Save our Seas Game
  • Don’t Pass Gas Methane Game
  • Pollution Patrol Game
  • Eco Talent Show
There were also information booths on youth and fitness, how to be a healthy vegetarian/vegan, solar power, biofuel, and more.

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