03 August 2014

Compassion Tune-up: Change The Earth, by Gaiaisi

It's been a while, and this song just came my way, so it's time for a new compassion tune-up. 

Here's the line that went straight to my heart: "All I really care's life's got a place to grow." (Watch the video below and you'll see what I mean.)

Gaiaisi (pronounced Gaia's eye, but spelled to include the three words Gaia is I) is a Canadian musician, climate change activist and animal advocate. Here's what he has to say about Change The Earth:

"There is quite literally no issue more important on this planet as no specific conflict or problem afflicting the human race today will matter if the atmosphere heats up to a temperature inhospitable to the biosphere that allows us to breathe, drink, eat, and for life as we know it on this planet to exist. 
The current trajectory of global warming is headed at full speed towards a scenario where previously frozen methane deposits locked under the Arctic and Antarctic are beginning to erupt, releasing massive amounts of a greenhouse gas four times more potent than carbon dioxide. 
The last time a similar eruption of methane occurred in the Earth's history 251 million years ago it caused the single greatest mass extinction event in the planet's history, extinguishing 70% of all species on land and 95% of life in the oceans. 
This is an emergency and this video can play a critical role in awakening millions of people...."

by Gabriel Nicolau

I want to speak to the world out there, said
I want to speak to the world out there
I want to speak to the world out there, said
I want to speak to the world out there, I'll say...

(Verse 1)
The sun goes around, everything now
Seem like it's heating up, steaming from the ground
Said the traffic lights go, everything slow
Engines still burning though, you can smell the smoke
Blowing and it rise, haze up in the sky
Coughin'/Coffin on the ground, another day goes by
As we drip, drip die, struggling I
Wondering if life as I know can survive
Cause it seem like everything is gone before you blink
Politicians still smiling while we flying by the brink
It's like we on a ship, only thing different is
Where you gonna swim when the whole city sinks and...

Change, oh change gonna come
Some day, some day the waves are gonna rain and
Change, yeah change gonna come
Cause nothing remains the same, it'll become
Changed under the blazing sun
To something, oh I don't know what, but
Change, yeah change gonna come
You better wake up and run cause...

(Verse 2)
No matter location, dollar denomination
Political placement or religious persuasion
The nature of the globe is a single situation --
We all facing the same devastation, frame:
A rainforest where it ain't raining
That's what's happening in the Amazon Basin
Where deforestation leads to desertification
...No more trees to breathe, we'll be suffocating
I hope it won't happen, but I fear that it will
If we don't start to see how meat truly kills -- it's
More than just the chicken and the cow and the pig
It's the space it takes up to make them live
Gotta give the utmost place to Nature
So this sacred cradle can stay stable
And start protecting her last precious living bits
To nurture Earth, like the treasure that she is, where....

( Chorus Same as 1st )

I don't really care if it all goes up tomorrow
Bodies dropping now gotta stop it today, ya
I don't really care now if my wallet is hollow
When the paper that it's made of's all going up in flames, ya
I don't really care now if you follow or go on your own
Sky is falling and we all in the same boat
I don't really care now if you profit or go broke
All I really care's life's got a place to grow
(Instrumental Break)

(Verse 3)
All right now come on listen 'cause we
Really got no time to waste, we gotta face it
Flames on the rise today, try to escape it
But where you gonna hide away -- asphyxiation
Make you wanna fry but wait -- don't be afraid 'cause
There's still a little time to take for the occasion
'Fore it caves in and breaks, we better brace
Even if it makes you cry -- the haste, for me to say
This could be one of the last days
...To change
Ever since the beginning
Of this civilized killing age we've been erasing
Cutting down the forests and plains and replacing
With stains but it can't sustain, 'cause it's straining
The soils and the streams -- our veins ... now it's changing
The weather and it's getting so insane!
That the atmosphere depletes, feeling the pain
Now if the heat keeps raising and the rains ...
This Earth may go up in flames

(Final Chorus)
Change, ohh change gonna come
One way or another something's gonna break and
Change, yea change gonna come
But what are we waiting for? Are we numb from
The pain, that makes us run
Away but we can't escape from the one:
Change, yea Change gonna come
Someday, some day has come

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