09 December 2018

The No-Post Post (Living for Each Other)

Life is busy. Saving the world is hard — and never-ending — work, it seems, especially if one wants to also have a semblance of "normal" in one's life. In the interests of getting everything done that needs doing, I'm going to leave you this week with ... nothing. I'm depleted and yet still giving. 

So, with apologies, I'm going to get back to work now. I'll be here again next week, deadlines met (I hope!), dishes done, garden finally put to bed (talk about procrastinating) and friends lunched and tea'd and dinnered with. 

May something good come out of Katowice in Poland at COP24 this week. We have GOT to get moving on getting to zero carbon. (The biggest "enemy" in the world is chasing us, and it feels like we keep tripping each other up instead of helping each other run faster.)

p.s. Wait, here's something wonderful for us to meditate on. It reminds me of why I do the climate change work I do. It's not for me!

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