24 July 2016

Why You Should* Read This Blog Every Sunday

[* I've never been a fan of "shoulding" on oneself or others, but the climate change emergency is creating a lot of things we really should do.]

We're in the midst of a deepening, quickening, worsening climate change emergency. You wouldn't know it on a "normal" day in the developed world -- although there are certainly fewer normal days these days.

Anyway, here we are in the midst of this climate change emergency and we're still not talking about it much, if at all. If we want any chance of responding effectively to the climate change emergency, shouldn't we at least be talking about it. A lot?
Animals don't need to should on themselves because they act on their instincts to protect their young and safeguard their offspring's future. Perhaps we should stop ignoring our animal instincts!

So the reason you should read -- and share -- this blog every Sunday is that it will give you a new climate change conversation starter each week. (And there are over 500 posts here now, in case you need to stock up for a holiday dinner with your right-wing cousin or climate change-denying uncle.) For example, by coming here every Sunday, you'll get:
Did you know? material
Guess what I read! material
How about this? material
Holy $#@! material
You're not going to believe what I found! material
Confidence-building material (so you'll understand and be able to explain why climate change is an emergency)
Compassion-building material
What do you think of this? material
Hey, this could be good! material

Have you heard about this? material

• Perhaps most important, great Facebook comeback material (for when something stupid and inconsequential goes viral)
So, I hope to see you here every Sunday. Feel free to come in your pyjamas, with favourite hot drink in hand. And maybe you could invite a friend!

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