02 February 2014

A Tribute to Dogs in the Year of the Horse

Well, in the Chinese lunar calendar, it's now the Year of the Horse. Apparently we're in for lots of upheaval this year. I wonder if we can direct that upheaval in the right direction. (You know, upheave the fossil fuel industries and keep the renewable energy industries growing strongly.)

Meanwhile, my 2014 isn't quite going as planned. (I broke my ankle again last weekend, while helping a friend during a traumatic time — double whammy.)

Duelling laptop and lapdog
Well, I burst into tears the other day, overwhelmed by all there is to do in the world (and, frankly, just to keep my own life in order). My dog was sitting on my lap, and when she heard me crying, she sat up, put her paws on my shoulders, and looked me right in the eyes. "I don't know what to do," I whispered to her, tears streaming down my cheeks. 

Who can resist a dog that grins?
I heard a little chihuahua sigh come from her. "Ah, take a deep breath?" So I did. I immediately settled down. Then she gave herself a good shudder. "You're suggesting I shake it off?" So I did. And now, mini-crisis averted, she settled back down in my lap as I wiped the day's tears from my face. I know they'll come again soon — that's what happens when you're sensitive — but Lita will be there for me, to put a paw on my shoulder, lick my face and calm me down.

Not only do my husband and I find ourselves laughing several times a day at some dog antic or other, but we sometimes employ her as our symbol of the mammals everywhere that we're working hard to safeguard.

So in this Year of the Horse, let your pets, your totem animals or your local wildlife remind you that you're doing this good work for the children — of all species.

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