07 August 2011

One Family's Adventures in Sustainable Living (and Eating)

I work with homeschoolers who are enrolled in our local school district, and I'm often amazed and inspired by the richness, depth and breadth of my students' home-based learning.

Here's one example that I really want to share with you. The Kikuchi family lives on a smallish plot of rural land, and they've done wonderful things with it, including "rescuing" and replanting native plants that are being torn up by development elsewhere, and growing a lot of their own food.

They just completed a cookbook called Respect for Nature Sustainable Cooking Recipes. Father Koïchiro ("Arthur") wrote the introduction — as important an introduction as you'll ever read! Mother Sanae created the recipes, and I know for a fact that they're delicious. Elder son Kenta took the photos, daughter Yoko did the artwork, Shinta and his siblings made the serving dishes you'll see in some of the pictures, and baby Kota is the one who is all smiles. He learned how to use a hoe before he was two!

So, I don't want to take any more of your time. Please go and look through this wonderful family endeavour. I hope you'll learn lots, enjoy the experience, and cook some of the delicious recipes. Click here for an online version of Respect for Nature Sustainable Cooking Recipes, where you can also download it.

Bon (and sustainable) appétit!


  1. Awesome cookbook! I am going to share it with my green foodies!
    The best way to reach a person's "green heart" is through their stomach.
    Food is love. :)

    Nina in Whitefish, ON

  2. Hi Nina,
    Thanks so much for your feedback. I will send it on to the Kikuchi family, who poured a LOT of heart and soul into this cookbook. And yes, good point about the best way to reach someone's "green heart"!


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