16 November 2010

Leaders and Followers and Betrayal

I've been quiet lately. Too discouraged to know what to do, say or write.

But tonight, I need to rant. First, I'd like to mention that a Canadian political party that I have a lot of respect for is calling for Canada to show "climate leadership." Well, I think it would be quicker and safer for Canada to show climate "followership."

We should be following the nations that have already felt the impacts of the global climate change emergency — who KNOW that something drastic must be done.

Next, I want to apologize to the world on behalf of all the Canadians who, today, were mortified by our appointed senate politicians. They pulled a fast one on us, and our already not-strong-enough climate legislation is now dead. Just before Cancun.

A dear young activist friend of ours is devastated. Here's her response to our bully of a prime minister:
I would like to express my extreme discontent with the decision made in Senate to kill Bill C-311. Last summer, I rode my bicycle to Ottawa, from BC, to tell you that we need (at least) Bill C-311 — that we have a MORAL OBLIGATION to protect the future of today's children. Yes, that includes your children. I am devastated by this decision and its implications for further stalling of progress in the UN climate negotiations and the embarrassing position it puts Canada in on the international stage--an international stage that I would like to believe is slowly waking up to the climate emergency. Shame on Canada for not taking a leadership role in the fight against climate change; the greatest threat to human civilization. This evening, I go to bed with a heavy heart and a great feeling of uncertainty as to what my future holds in the face of a rapidly changing climate. This evening, I am embarrassed to be Canadian, and I feel a deep sense of compassion towards those people around the world who have done NOTHING to deserve the climate devastation that is being inflicted upon them, and that will continue to wreak havoc on their survival. This is so unjust; this is criminal.




  1. I've enjoyed reading this blog from time to time and discovered it through a post that you copied from Guy Dauncey. The letter to the Prime Minister is short, great and to the point. Many Canadians, I know, feel the same way.
    Please enjoy our song, I Am the Future, which reflects our young people (the decision-makers of tomorrow), speaking to the adults (the decision-makers of today).
    Visit www.hollyarntzen.ca for links to the video and audio.

    Thanks for the great blog,
    Kevin Wright

  2. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks so much for writing! Holly's music has always been such a gift to the Earth and the Children. And now it's even more fun with you rockin' it up. I remember hearing you and Holly and some wonderful students sing I Am the Future at the Get Outside! conference at the University of Victoria last year. I love it! Thanks for sharing the link with us.

    And hey, did you know we're practically neighbours?
    GreenHeart Education

  3. Glad to see you back blogging, Julie :) Thanks for posting the letter.

    Chin up! Looking forward to seeing you and Peter soonish.

    Much love and many thanks, always,


I would appreciate hearing your thoughts or questions on this post or anything else you've read here. What is your take on courage and compassion being an important part of the solution to the climate change emergency?