20 May 2009

200 Days - Talking It Up!

In my excitement to start listing our Compassionate Climate Actions yesterday, I forgot to tell you my action for the day.

We had lunch (sunshine veggie curry) with a young friend who is a student activist on climate change issues (and bicycling across the country this summer to prove it). It's so rejuvenating to spend time with someone who gets what's happening in the world — and who isn't going to let the future slip through her fingers as long as she can do something about it.

We shared ideas, gave her some advice on how to deal with colleagues who think that "strategy" is more important than life on Earth, and came away with a renewed sense of purpose — it's her future we're diddling with while the Earth burns (with apologies to Nero), and we intend to safeguard it for her.

Some people think talk is cheap, or a form of procrastination, but when talk is learning, and good medicine, then talk is action.

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